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10 Best Mascaras: Brands List with Prices

An ideal mascara which most of the women prefer and almost every females wishes to have is something totally awesome having tremendous capabilities of enhancing the beauty. But there are such wide ranging brand existing in our market which confuse us most of the time when it comes to making right choice for the right product. Yes, we are sometimes unable to decide whether to buy one product or two. While we want properly detailed and finest results, we need to have sound knowledge about the highly proficient products. For this, we are presenting you a list of top ten most trending, famous and excellent quality brands which you can use in order to achieve your desired results.

Best 10 Mascaras List


If you want elegant coverage of your eye lashes and wish to have little bit curly mascara, Chanel is the one you should go after. It would cost you £25 (Rs. 3916).

Chanel Mascara Kit


This is the one with giant features including being water resistant and capability to last long. It does not get fade but stay alive all the time. A must have mascara indeed. It costs only £24.50 (Rs. 3837).

Dior Mascara Kit


When you use it with a tempered brushing, it’s going to give you a stunning look. It costs you only £9.99 (Rs. 1564) for glowing your eyes.

Revlon Mascara Kit


This one is the best, truly amazing and probably the cheapest one with a price of only £4.99 (Rs. 781). You’ve got to have this one in your bag all the time.

Maybelline Mascara Kit


This one is called Clinique High Impact Mascara which helps you make your eye lashes look even more charming and you look mysteriously beautiful look because of your sparkling eyes. Clinique’s price is around £17.50 (Rs. 2740).

Clinique Mascara Kit

Max Factor

Max Factor Mascara is also one of the most preferred ones by the females around almost every section of our society. All you need to be careful about is its application. You need to use brush gently and softly in order to get Max Factor in full action. Max Factor Mascara would cost you around £9.99 (Rs. 1564).

Maxfactor Mascara Kit


The most prominent benefit, They’re Real. According to a recent statistical report, one mascara is sold withing 20 seconds only in UK. This report shows the interest of ladies for this product. Its cost is about £19.50 (Rs. 3054).

Benefit Mascara Kit

L’Oréal Paris

If you are fond of fanning and lightening you eye lashes, L’real Paris is the one you should go for. The reason is that it is capable of making considerable difference without giving any artificial look to your eyes. It’s not expensive though, only costs £10.00 (Rs. 1566).

LOreal Mascara Vogue


No disorder, perfection everywhere. If you want a bafflingly amazing look, you should look for this one only. Moreover, it’s not that much expensive, the price of £22.50 (Rs. 3524) is fair enough.

Lancome Mascara Kit

Kevyn Aucion

If you want a pure clean look for your eyes, this is the one you need to have. It’s really worth having as it has the ability to get off your eyes when you wash it with warm water. The price is only £22.50 (Rs. 3524).

Kevyn Aucion Vogue Mascara

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