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5 Easy Steps for Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Everyone loves Smokey color eyes always because it is simple and one can do it on different type of occasions such as family gathering, friends party or a wedding and it can be done through easy steps. Smokey eyes looks very beautiful and it attracts the others because it changes the whole look of the face and one could look gorgeous. Smokey eyes are a new fashioned makeup which is being widely liked and used by all types of peoples because it changes the look of face and eyes seems beautiful. And girl emphasize on that part which she thinks is best and should look beautiful and eyes are the main part of face to attract others.

Many women makes wrong step because of having no training and they looks messy or untidy. Every girl must wash her face before sleeping to avoid skin problems. Fashionable people always concentrate on latest trends and there are many simple ways by which one can make her eyes Smokey. It is not compulsory that you just can have black shaded Smokey eyes and you can select any combination of colors of your choice. Fashion is growing faster and Smokey eyes is a trend of today’s fashioned makeup and you can have Smokey eyes with simple procedure to follow with a little effort and it can b completed by yourself where ever you want to make.

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

One should be well known about the way to apply the shades and soft brushes are very important to complete steps. Practice also plays important role to use the instructions perfectly and most of the girls apply only black color but you can use different colors to make Smokey eyes in various colors. Some very useful points must be kept in mind. First you have to just select three colors of your choice and classy Smokey eyes can be made by using Brown, grey, bronze and black color. It is also important to apply a right amount of powder and shades. The tools that are used to make Smokey eyes are makeup remover, black eyeliner, black pencil eyeliner and good quality brushes, concealer and base is also needed to start the process. This is easy but practice is compulsory for having perfect and sparkling Smokey eyes. There are mostly two types of Smokey eyes, the first is classic Smokey and second one is dramatic Smokey.

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

If you want Smokey eyes you just have to follow the simple steps. Mostly girls does not concentrate on the steps carefully and their eyes seems untidy makeup and messy. These steps are in a step by step procedure of the process and everyone could understand them easily. 5 easy steps for smokey eye makeup are as following.

Easy Steps for Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

  1. First of all you have to apply the concealer on both above and under the eyes and after doing so you have to apply sufficient amount of foundation powder over the concealer.
  2. Then choose the eye shade and lightest eye shade is recommended from the three colors which are selected and apply on brows from beginning to end of the brows.
  3. You have to apply the medium shade on eyelids and just have t blend towards inside corners of the lids. This step needs practice but is not much hard to done.
  4. And at the last step you just have to apply the darkest shade from the selected colors making the C shape on eyelids and then have blend it quite carefully.
  5. In the last step you have to apply the mascara and eyeliner under and above eyes.

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

Smokey Eye Makeup Easy Tutorial

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