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5 Surprising Headache Causes and Treatment

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve all suffered from this nasty problem of having headache at different occasions. There are so many of us who suffer from this problem many for many times in a single day. They just keep on suffering but don’t try to find out the reason behind this. As a result, this headache problem gets worse with the passage of time.

There are some reasons behind the issue we are discussing here, and those reasons need to be diagnosed as well as eliminated. Now we are going to tell you some aspects which responsible for headache at different intervals of time. If you follow these advices, you will be able to take control of these factors which always prove to be deadly triggers for start pain in your head.

Surprising Headache Triggers & Solutions

5 Surprising Headache Causes and Treatment

1. Pain Killer Medicine

We often think that the pain killer medicines are harmless as they relieves us from pain. But in reality, if we keep using these pain relieving medicines, they can actually damage the system of brain which deals with different aspects of pain in your body. There are most of women who go out for jobs, they always tend to have at least one pain killer tablet after returning back to their home. They think it’s going to relieve them but the fact is that this habit is going to ruin you.


Don’t ever use pain killer medicines on daily basis or any fixed dosage schedule. If you are not getting relieved from headache, try to have some tea or else some sleep.

2. Heat Sensitivity

This is the most common cause of headache found in many men and women. Whenever they go out in bright sunlight, their head start paining. The medical science says about this phenomenon that when we go out in bright sunlight, our body tries to circulate more blood so that it reaches the skin in order to decrease its temperature. But during this attempt of reducing body’s temperature, there happens the deficiency of oxygen in our brain which causes headache in our head.


Obviously you can’t fight the weather but you can take necessary precautionary measures to keep your body cool. Staying in air-conditioned atmosphere would help a lot taking over this problem. Whenever you are going outside in hot weather or doing exercise, try to keep yourself as much hydrated as you can.

3. Skipping the Breakfast

Recently, many scientific studies have been released about those people who don’t have breakfast in the morning. The science says that skipping the breakfast is a major cause of letting more diseases take over yourself. If you are from those who are reluctant to have breakfast, please try to adjust your this habit. Because your stomach is empty, you work hard and your brain works all day, it’s difficult for your brain to keep doing that hard work without having any diet. So, as a result your head starts feeling pain.


You don’t need any medication. The one and only solution to overcome this problem is to start having proper breakfast daily in the morning. You will start getting relief from the daily headache problem.

4. Magnesium Insufficiency

The medical experts have always been considering Magnesium to be one of the most essential elements for our body. If deficiency of magnesium occurs in our body, it can also cause severe headache. A few recent scientific studies have revealed that around 50% of the people suffering from headache problem are subjected to low magnesium level in their body.


Try to include more foods in your diet plan in which magnesium is present abundantly. These type of foods can include green leafy vegetables, fish and many other which you can find out by seeking help from your doctor. Moreover, you need to consult your doctor before taking any additional step. He/she could guide you in an even better way.

5. Extra Computer Usage

As we explained earlier that the light sensitivity can be an issue of pain in your head. Sitting in front of a computer screen for many hours can also cause severe headache as you keep staring at one place and the light is continuously hitting your eyes all the time. Keep looking on to a computer screen can create way more problems for you. So, you need to take care of your computer usage routine.


While you are a computer user who is suffering from headache, you need to make sure that your monitor is slightly lower than your eye level. Also make sure that the chair you are using is giving your neck and back proper support and not putting any stress on these muscles.

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