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5 ways to wear fashionable and trendy Scarf with Style

The trend of wearing headscarf and abaya is getting prominent among ladies especially for girls who belong from Muslim religion. There are simple and easy ways through which anyone can wear the scarf and I would like to share some of scarfs styles with you. You can also check Latest Head Scarf and Hijab Styles for Women.

1. French Knot Style of Scarf

French knot style of scarf is mostly preferred in winter season. Mostly girls love this style because it makes your personality and you can make this style and wear the jeans along with long coat. For this style you have to take a scarf and put it on your neck and make a bow on one side as it is very simple.

French Scarf Style for Girls

2. The Necklace Style of Scarf

If you want to make this style then anyone get to hold the scarf over necklace. You fold the lengthy scarf as per according to half along and then grab the slanting ends plus knot it tightly. After this put this scarf on your neck as well as twists it.

Necklace Style Scarf Designs

3. Classic Loop Style of Scarf

In this classic loop style you simply need to set the scarf on your neck and pull the 1 end down slightly longer. After that wrap the scarf approximately on your neck as well as let it on both hang ends.

Classic Loop Style Scarf

4. Rolled Loop Style of Scarf

This style is easy and simple to make. For this style you should wrap the scarf all around your neck. For this you take the each scarf that end up as well as done with the loop of neck.

Rolled Loop Style Scarf

5. Neck Wrap Style of Scarf

This style is also in and girls would love to prefer this style. For making this style you have to take a lengthy scarf once and covers it all round the neck and then make a half tie of that scarf along with long ends that high up and close to your neck. Then you tug the material of neck that loop down all over the partial knot.

Neck Wrap Style Scarf

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