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9 Strange Alternative Uses and Benefits of Deodorant

Have you ever wondered if anything had multiple uses? In this article we will reveal the multiple uses the simple deodorant that you have on your dressing has. Life is all about exploring and today we explore the multiple uses of a relatively simple yet effective product. In the article we would look at 9 different uses of everyday deodorant that we use.

Strange Uses for Deodorant Spray Fragrance

Uses and Benefits of Deodorant

1. For Blisters:

Deodorants can be used to avoid having blisters, like in the case of new shoes which have not yet softened off, you can apply deodorant on your feet and it acts like a protective layer between your feet and the shoes. You have to try it to believe it.

2. For Stinky Feet:

Applying deodorant on the sole of your feet a night before will help fight off bad odor from the feet as well as the unwanted sweat that accompanies. A problem solved for many people who had trouble sharing it in the first place.

3. As an Antiperspirant:

Some people get swamps of sweat all over their body and the best way to beat it is to apply the deodorant all over your body rather than just the underarms, wherever you apply it forms a shield which protects against unwanted sweat and the bacteria that accompanies.

4. Fixing a Squeaky Door:

Often we notice that the revolving doors when they become old tend to produce squeaky sound. The solution is the most unlikely. We just have to rub the deodorant on the hinges of the door and the sound will be gone. Magic isn’t it?

5. Closet Freshener:

Ever faced the problem of your closet smelling stale? You don’t have to worry anymore because simply placing an open bottle of deodorant in the corner is all you need to fix the problem.

6. Creating a Matt Cosmetic:

No matter how strange it sounds but you can apply it by running fingers over your face and eyelids in order to resolve the issue of shining that most of the women face while applying makeup.

7. Zit Busting:

Ever had a pimple or a mark on your face, if you are a teenager you have struck gold because the deodorant that you use to feel good among people would make you look better too. Applying deodorant will help remove the zit or mark and make your face spotless.

8. Pain Killer:

Ever felt stinging pain from a bug bite? The solution was right before your eyes. The deodorant when applied to the bug bite would first sting a little but then provide relief from pain. The salts in the deo are unique that they help reduce pain as well as swelling that accompanies as well as removing the mark that would have remained for a while.

9. Slipping agent:

Ever tried putting on jeans or skirt that you thought you could fit in but cannot? Apply deodorant on your legs and it would make your skin slippery smooth, aiding in you putting on a skirt that you once deemed too tight or a pair of jeans that you don’t want to let go.

All these are the uses that we never realized and it is only because of exploring that we come to know. Life is an exploration and it is a success when we live it that way. For now just try and be amazed at what your body deodorant could do and you had no idea.

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