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Aseer Zadi: Title Song & Story Review

New Pakistani drama serial Aseer Zadi is a story about a landlord family. The family prides for their traditions and customs about all the men have been married three times, because their first and second wife was not able to bearing children.

The promos of Aseer Zadi have already on-aired where we can see some powerful celebrities doing something very different on screen. Amazing performances done by famous celebrities such as Farah Shah, Sania Saeed, Sakina Sammo, Noor Hasan, Salman Shahid, Ainy Jaffri, Eshita Mehboob, Sania Shamshad and Yasir Shoro.

Don’t forget to watch Aseer Zadi on every Saturday at 8:00 PM.

The family is headed by the Great Peer, his son Shahaab was also born from his third wife Barry Sarkari. Barry Sarkari conquered the family affairs.

Shahaab has also been married once, but since his first wife childlessness. So Shahaab married again to follow the footstep and old customs of his family. Surprisingly, God blesses his second wife with cute children. Then the family revolution started.

Aseer Zadi Title Song Video

Aseer Zadi Official Promo

Aseer Zadi OST Download mp3

Full Cast of Aseer Zadi

  • Sania Saeed
  • Farah Shah
  • Sakina Sammo
  • Salman Shahid
  • Noor Hasan
  • Ainy Jaffri
  • Eshita Mehboob
  • Sania Shamshad
  • Yasir Shoro

The drama serial Aseer Zadi is directed by famous director Ehtisham ud din and written by Mustafa Afridi. The legendary Momina Duraid is the producer of this drama serial.

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