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Australian Richard Flanagan wins Man Booker Prize 2014

Australia’s famous novelist Richard Flanagan has won the Man Booker Prize 2014 for his novel “The Narrow Road to the Deep North”. This novel is related to war story written about them to get 50 thousand pounds reward.

According to the judges: It is an extraordinary story of love and friendship; the story of human suffering. He wrote a novel inspired by the life of his father, who was a prisoner of the Japanese in World War II survivors, but they were made. He died at the age of 98, the same day when Flanagan completed his novel.

53 year old London guildhall Flanagan the Man Booker Prize, wife of British Prince Charles received by Corn Wall. During World War II, the novel by Richard Flanagan ‘Thailand Burma Death Railway’ was written in the context of building. Flanagan feedback on this occasion said that Australia is considered as a lottery prize.

Richard Flanagan Man Booker Prize Winner

Japan in 1943 between Bangkok and Rangoon railway construction which aims to support the fighting forces. Japan Railway to enable prisoners of war and forced laborers filed a million people were killed.

Flanagan told to the media, he said that their goal was not to write the story of my father, but it is true that his father wanted to depict basic and spiritual truth. He had confidence in me, he did not ask me anything about the story but I was talking about the little things, how was the earth when they were hungry and feel the taste of the rice was bad, mind and what was the feeling of hunger in the stomach.

Flanagan finds the truth about the situation in the small things. Professor Grayling the judges decided to award three hours of debate. They say that the two main themes of literature on war and love is a wonderful novel. This article was written with extraordinary finesse and power of East and West, past and present, together with the story of a crime and adventure connects.

Richard Flanagan novel “The Narrow Road to the Deep North” has spent 12 years in the writing, and this is his sixth novel. Richard first novel, Death of a River Guide, The Sound of handbags clippings and other novel have been published in 26 countries.

Catherine Taylor said, Richard writings are like a river, the soil and the bodies were dotted with shimmering black and the moon light. This book is the name of my father, who was No. 335 Japanese prisoners of war. The final list of writers nominated for this award were six names, including two Americans and three Britons and an Australian writer’s name was.

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