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Best Home Decor Ideas | House Decoration Tips

“Home is the place, where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in”
Robert Frost

Roberts Frost has nicely described the importance of home, when you go back to home from outside then you have planned to relax in the home. If the house environment is according to your nature then you surely relax there and live a happy life. A beautiful house is a mixture of different things including good building structure, interior designing and healthy environment. We have decided to share some important tips to décor your house in such way that whenever you come to your house you just feel that it is like a heaven.

Every person when plan for his future then he must considers a beautiful house in his future life. So if you want to make your house more unique, beautiful and different from others then you should start from beginning. First you should go to a designer and finalize your house map and design of house. Make it sure that your house should be unique in terms of design in that area of residence. You should also allocate some area for gardening, swimming pool and lawn. While constructing your home you must take care of one thing that there should be a proper ventilation system. Also you should use best material in construction that your house will be long lasting.

Home Decoration Tips

When the construction of building complete; the house decoration process takes start. Now you should take following points in your mind while decorating your house.

House Coloring

First step after constructing the house building, you have to select the colors for your house inner and outer walls. It’s up to your choice that which color you select for the walls, but we recommend that you use bright colors on outer walls and some light and smooth colors for inner walls. Brighter colors give an eye-catching.

You should best paint from the market because it important to buy a good quality paint or distemper. One more thing; you should apply first colors on the dry walls. Normally it is recommended that you apply first coloring after the period of 6 months.

Interior Designing

Interior designing is considered as the most difficult part of house decorating. You have to give a lot of attention and a large amount on the interior designing. Different parts of the house required different type of interior designing. The Living Room, TV Lounge, Drawing Room, Kitchen has required different type of designing.

  • Living Room: Living room or Bed Room is the area where you spend most of your time at house. You should decorate in such way that you get maximum comfort in it. You should use good quality furniture that includes Bed, Sitting Sofa, and Dressing Table. Curtains should be used in a color combination with the furniture. The LCD placement in the room should be in right front of the bed. There should be passage of fresh in the room and some sunlight should be going through in the room.
  • TV Lounge: TV Lounge is the area that every incoming person must see in your house, so it should be decorate in such a way that it gives a pleasant and eye catching look to the visitor. There should be wide screen LCDs or LEDs with a good sound system. Sitting plan should be placed in front of the TV screen. There should be some good paintings placed on the walls.
  • Drawing Room: Drawing room has mostly visited by the guests that are outside the family. Carpet must be used in the drawing room, good quality sofa and curtains should be used. Wall paintings also can be used in the drawing room.
  • Dining Room: Dining room must be decorated with good quality dining tables that give an attractive look.
  • Kitchen: Kitchen is also most important part of the house that represents the beauty of your house. Females note each and everything in the kitchen. You should decorate kitchen in an attractive way.

Decoration Essentials

You can place plants and flowers in different areas of the rooms; it gives a natural and pleasant look to your house. Fresh air should be passed through all the rooms and there should be sunlight in the rooms. Paintings of nature, Islamic versus, history can be used on the walls. Wall clock should be used in every room. Curtains should be used in color combination with wall and furniture color. You can also place a fish aquarium in the TV lounge to enhance the beauty of your house.

Gardening/Lawn/Swimming Pool

If you have sufficient space then you can make a small swimming pool for you house its gives a unique and beautiful look to your house. Flower and plants represents nature and every person loves the nature so you should grow some plants and flowers and enhance the beauty of your house. Grassy lawn enhances the beauty of your house and also increases the healthy activities when you use to play some sports game in it. You can also add water fountains in the lawn it also increases the beauty of your house.

Electric Lighting

Most of people don’t give a proper attention to the importance of lighting in the house. Lighting can increase the beauty of your house and give a unique look to the house. The light inside the house should be normal that it give you a relax feeling in the house. But the outside lights should be bright and colorful so your house looks more beautiful from outside.
We are sure that ye must like this article and follow these tips, we will bring more stuff for the house decoration so please stay connected with us.

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