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12 Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets To Steal

Ever wonder how celebrities look so perfect all the times? The reasons could be anything like they don’t have 9 to 5 hectic jobs, they don’t have to make food for the kids, they don’t have to get home on public transport and they don’t have same boring routines all the times. But, despite all these reasons, these celebrities have their own beauty secrets and 12 of them are as follow:

12 Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets

sofia vergara beautiful still

Preparation H

Ever tried preparation H on your skin? No? Not a problem because this sounds quite ridiculous but still, Sandra Bullock and lots of makeup artists and famous celebs consider this a beauty trick. They spread the haemorrhoid treatment just below the eyes to re-hydrate the skin and to clear out the lines under the eyes.


Girdle is not something that is meant for grandmothers only but there are many male and female celebs who wore girdles to have beautiful figure. Jessica Alba, after the birth of her child wore the girdles for 2-3 months to get her slim figure back.

Longer lash trick

If your mother is a supermodel and your father is Mick Jagger then people might think that the reason behind your long and thick lashes is an expensive beauty treatment but Georgia May Jagger proved the theory wrong and she said that keep your mascara for longer period of time because it thickens with time and does better job.

Improve your eyelash curler

Isla Fisher has perfect curl in her lashes and she gets it done by heating her curler with hair dryer before using.

Never go out without foundation

The beauty secret behind Joan Collins is all time gorgeous looks is she never steps out without foundation. She stated that after moisturizing her skin she applies the foundation and spread with her figure tips. This gives her skin smooth look and protects with environmental damage.

Natural cleanser

You don’t have to buy expensive beauty products or have to get clinical treatments for beautiful glowing skin because Scarlett Johansson recommends to apply apple cider vinegar with cotton ball to have glowing skin and it also balances the pH of your skin.

Naturally pink lips

This is one of my favourite beauty secret. Halle Berry usually appears with nude lips but they aren’t actually naked all the time. To have that pinkish glow, she applies rich red lipstick and wipes it off with tissue paper and applies some clear gloss and TADA.

Detox with a difference

Well, this might be different from beauty secrets but still this s how Demo Moore keeps her blood fresh and free from toxins and her eyes clear from dark circles. She usually flies all the way to Austria to have that Leech treatment for her beauty enhancement and health.

Drink water for beauty

Twiggy has the easiest beauty secret and that is, drink lots and lots of water to have fresher and hydrated skin.

Moisturize with natural oils

This is again a little more down to earth treatment. Lupita Nyong’o applies natural oils on her skin to hydrate it or as moisturizer. She regularly uses avocado and kukui oil.

Keeping your youthful looks for longer

68 years old Hellen Mirren still looks gorgeous and her beauty secret is to sleep as much as you can because lack of sleep can cause puffy eyes, tired face and poor complexion so get at least 8 hours of sleep at night.

Exfoliate daily

Kim Cattrall is 57 but looks amazing. The secret is she exfoliate her skin every day and this removes dead cells and gets her the glowing skin.

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