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Best Wedding Decoration: How to Decor Wedding Events

Wedding decoration scattered in all over the world. Now a days people want to make wedding ceremony more beautiful and memorable. Distinctive and innovative ideas explored day by day. One can decorate car, wedding halls, stage etc by themselves or can hire wedding decorators. Wedding ceremony decoration cost high but it provides beautiful and fresh look to guests. Different parts of wedding decoration include wedding hall, stages, car and flower arrangement.

Wedding Hall Decor

Making the wedding hall (reception) more welcoming within budget is essential and it can possible only when proper management is done. Wedding hall can be decorated in following ways, this will also decreases the cost:

  • Reusing of bouquets by placing that on table will add colorful touch. In the place of spending hundreds of dollars on new and fresh flowers the reusing of bouquets helps in decreasing the cost.
  • Make a beautiful tree by you is common in wedding hall decoration. This can be made by having some leaves, twigs and spray paint. This tree can also be used for reception cards and as of wish tree.
  • Decorate reception with wedding pictures as it will look beautiful.
  • Decoration can be made with cutting of fruits and converting it into flower.
  • Lighting will show the best look of wedding reception. Burn candles and switch on colorful lights.

Wedding Stage

Stage decoration is most important portion of the entire wedding ceremony. It is important to make the house starting or open place into wedding stage. Most of the time wedding takes place in the ground and also in wedding halls. Stage decoration is important as it will show the surrounding beautiful in pictures as well.

Now most of the wedding stages are decorated with combination of traditional and Western touch. Fresh original flowers are mixed up with artificial flowers for decoration of stage. Different colorful silk cloths and tables are use for making decoration more beautiful.

Car Decoration

Another decoration that is done in wedding ceremony is the decoration of car. Different types of fresh flowers, artificial flowers and ribbons are use for such decoration. Red and dark bright flowers usage makes the car attractive and beautiful. For making the wedding memorable events mostly people using theme arrangement and so is done for car decoration.

Fresh flowers are placed on the middle of the bonnet of car which shows beautiful look. Different kind of small balloon, mirrors, threads, bows and accessories are uses for decoration of car. In recent days readymade things and accessories are also available in the market that can be used for car decoration.

Flower Decoration

Without flower decoration wedding ceremony is incomplete. The need of flower decoration is demanded in all events of wedding whether that is Mehndi, Walima or Baraat. One may use creative skills for making unique bouquet of flower. Wedding bunch should be decorated in such a way that looks beautiful and attractive to others. Bouquet should match bride’s skin or appearance.

Boutonnieres are attached with the jacket of groom and it is made with small flowers so when it is the time of decoration of Boutonnieres make beautiful and small one.

Silk and ribbon flowers can also be made and it looks great even on the car of groom. Flower decoration can also be done according to the wedding themes. If red or blue color is the theme then uses of red and blue flowers in decoration will show beauty and attractiveness.

People became fashion conscious and they do their level best for making the wedding ceremony attractive and memorable. The idea of theme in wedding will make decoration beautiful. Make sure that bright colors with unique styles should be used in decoration.

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