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Bollywood stars in Pakistani commercials?

Artists who are ambassadors of their country through their art overwhelmingly represent the country in the world, they are honoring in the civil society.

The multinational companies to advertise their products for these countries artists to cash the popularity of leading artists, their lives a successful business strategy. Few times before, we see Pakistan’s leading models in the commercial and sign boards, but now the situation has been quite different, every other product we signed Bollywood actors or actress, the series has reached the peak.

This new situation with the local Pakistani singers and models raises anxiety in these circles who already demonstrate the growing Indian cultural invasion. Bollywood movies who illegally house on the VCR and the DVD was being seen Pakistani cinemas now successfully reached. Pakistan’s film industry, but the last breath of our artists, singers and models giving skills not only in Pakistan but all over the world including India is.

Salman, Katrina and Kareena Kapoor in Pakistani Adds

This series got worse later, Pakistani TV dramas are very popular in India and given the popularity of Indian Channels Pakistani dramas soon launch a TV channel is displayed on the Indian TV dramas on TV dramas are getting more ratings. The late Raj Kapoor sign Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar for his film ‘Henna’ then BR Chopra sign Pakistani actress Salma Agha for his film ‘Nikkah’.

Mohammad Ali and Zeba Begum Hardcore Indian actor and director Manoj Kumar, who has the title of ‘Clerk’ with the cast. Late Feroz Khan and Pakistan pop singer Nazia Hassan’s voice in the first film, ‘Kurbaani’ for the song ‘Aap Jesa Koi Meri Zindagi Me Aaye to Baat Ban Jaaye’ included, and the song in the movie superhit contributed to. Mahesh Bhatt after their credit is the fullest benefit from the Pakistani talent, he introduced in Bollywood. Which Ghulam Ali, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Atif Aslam, Najam Shiraz, Jawad Ahmed, Rafaqat Ali Khan, Ainy, Noman Javed, Meera and Pakistani Singers have a long list of artists.

Arjun Kapoor in QMobile Add

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Atif Aslam, who was placed so that every other Bollywood movie the song came to be considered a guarantee of success. Pakistani actor and superstar who truly great films, this time with multinational companies and Brand Ambassador of the model are also in the Bollywood film producers and directors to cast well-known models and actors. Recently Pakistani actors Imran Abbas and Fawad Khan has been part of the Bollywood film industry.

Kareena Kapoor in Magnum Add

Pakistani returning heroes worke with Indian movies like Imran Abbas with Indian Actress Bipasha Basu in adventure with science fiction film ‘Creature 3D’ and Fawad Khan with actress Sonam Kapoor. Pakistani actress Humaima Malick movie recently released on 29 August with Indian actor Imran Hashmi ‘Raja Natwarlal’, which starred his living Indian producers and directors have been attracted. Pakistani singer-actor Ali Zafar these days movie under Yash Raj productions, the heart, in which they are engaged in shooting with Ranvir Singh and Parineeti Chopra are the main characters.

There are also reports that Indian producers and directors are planning to cast other Pakistani actors who are working in Pakistani dramas after seeing their performances in dramas because nowadays Pakistani dramas are on-aired in Indian television channels. If we see the image on the other side, we own nothing but just disappointment for them not to be seen, because the domestic and foreign Pakistani companies in the electronic and print media to advertise products, giving preference to Bollywood stars. The Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor, Ranbir Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Om Puri, Zarin Khan, Arjun Kapoor, Salman Khan and Aditya Roy Kapoor working in Pakistani commercials.

Surprisingly, by foreign products, a locally made products for the same model is being Bollywood artists. Now the question arises that if the market value is not in our stars, then Fawad Khan, a leading manufacturer against Ileana D’Cruz made TV commercial, why? With Shaan the Lollywood industry and other super stars were not important.

This is the question to which the answer is nothing except shame, because it is our misfortune that despite so much talent we are looking at others and others are taking advantage of our talent. How to change your talent will be overlooked, because many stars who are struggling for a long time been in their country, but they found nothing but failures, many of today’s names are leading Singers. This is not good for our television industry.

It provides us the platform to their talent and make strategies to create the ad campaign, companies should prefer Pakistani start rather than foreign models, to encourage our industry’s new talent because if we do not focus on the results then in the future results will not be good.

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