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Breast Cancer Treatment & Drugs Side Effects

Famous pharmaceutical company Roche developed a new drug for the treatment of women breast cancer, still have the unparalleled success.

As a result of the drug’s clinical trials of breast cancer in women at an average age of 15.7 months had increased. Given these findings, experts have demanded that Perjeta, the victims of this new cancer drug to be made widely used. In fact, the drug benefit that was so sick of women researchers were not expecting.

This experimental study was made in America. Research project related to the Washington Cancer Hospital chief and medical expert Sandra Swain. In the Spanish capital, Madrid, an international conference on September told delegates that the study results are highly significant and far-reaching.

Breast Cancer Treatment & Side Effects

This international conference was the annual gathering of the European Society for Medical Oncology (ESMO). In his address to the conference, Sandra Swain said that victims of breast cancer, resulting in an increase in the length of life of the remaining results are very encouraging and have brought new hope. According to their HIV-positive and ER positive effects never before seen so many women were.

In women with breast cancer have been found so far as the types of these kind of HER2-positive breast cancer is nearly twenty-five percent of infected women, see in HER2-positive breast cancer every fourth patient is suffering.

According to Sandra Swain, Herceptin and Roche both antibodies and methods are developed. Their job is to make H E R 2 to disable. H E R 2 is basically a protein, which is linked to cancer disease is caused by a gene.

These two drugs used against cancer are expensive. If you use a medication monthly cost is five to six thousand dollars. According to the medical companies, they will possibly earn more than 3.1 Billion Dollar before 2018.

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