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12 Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets To Steal

Best Kept Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Ever wonder how celebrities look so perfect all the times? The reasons could be anything like they don’t have 9 to 5 hectic jobs, they don’t have to make food for the kids, they don’t have to get home on public transport and they don’t have same boring routines all the times. But, despite all these reasons, these celebrities have …

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5 Easy Beauty Tips & Treatments

easy beauty tips treatments

Not all the girls head to the surgeries in order to get beautiful flawless skin or to the parlour to have flawless makeup. But there are some common girls that have their own beauty secrets with all natural ingredients from their kitchen and some easy makeup tips that make them look flawlessly beautiful and a makeup pro with so little …

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Latest Handmade Jewelry Trends for Summer 2015-2016

The jewelry designs includes all the items that are used for the decoration of the human body, it may include; Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. Jewelry may be we are on the parts of the body or it can also be used on the clothes during their sewing. Material used in Jewellery Many centuries ago, there was the time when only …

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9 Strange Alternative Uses and Benefits of Deodorant

Strange Uses for Deodorant Spray Fragrance

Have you ever wondered if anything had multiple uses? In this article we will reveal the multiple uses the simple deodorant that you have on your dressing has. Life is all about exploring and today we explore the multiple uses of a relatively simple yet effective product. In the article we would look at 9 different uses of everyday deodorant …

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Best Tattoo Designs 2016 for Women and Men

Tattoo Designs New Ideas 2016 for Women and Men

Tattoos are considered to one of the most amazing activity by a person. If one is not living in a bound or conservative environment then he/she must go for a tattoo. Having a tattoo at the body doesn’t means that one has become an extra ordinary person but it will give you an attractive look. In past, people didn’t consider …

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Easy & Simple Hairstyles for Little School Going Girls

Simple and Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Many people want to make new decent hair styles for the school girls. School girls also love stylish hair styles so that they can look different from the others. Different new styles are coming in fashions which are especially launched for the school girls so that they also can make style in school with affordable look within the schools. There are …

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How to dye your hair purple at home – 5 Easy Steps

Dye your hair purple at home

Girls are considered to be fashion oriented and they often seems busy in doing some new experiences to enhance their beauty. Girls are observed doing many adventurous things like getting their eye brows pierced, getting the tattoo, wearing hot and sexy dresses for getting attracted. Now a days girls are doing experiences with their hairs. Hair colors are in fashion …

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Homemade Almond Oil Face Scrub for Every Skin Type

Almond Oil Face Scrub Recipe

Many females out there worry about having beautiful, smooth, shiny and oil-free skin but hardly half of them get their problems solved and goals achieved. You invest alot in buying expensive products at different occasions but still there happens to be no considerable difference on the basis of which you can sense that change is coming to your skin. So …

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Water Marble Nail Art Tutorial – 5 Easy Steps with Pictures

Water Marble Nail Art Techniques

The trend of nail art is becoming very popular now a days. Nail art add glamour and beauty to the personality of girls. It is adopted by females of different age groups. There are hundred designs being introduced by the artists and nail art lovers. Some of the nail art designs are very simple but other need expert knowledge to …

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Makeup Trend 2015 for Indian Brides

Indian Bridal Makeup Trend 2015

If we compare the makeup of Pakistani and Indian makeup of brides then there is no such difference between both but Indian makeup is little bit change from brides of Pakistan. In last decades all brides were in favor of that type of makeup in which dark shades and red color was inn. Typically the red color is used as …

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