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How to Decorate with Antiques – Interior Design Tips

Decorate your Home with Unique Antiques

On the off chance that you have a calendar excursion to PARIS, FRANCE would you simply appear in Paris wanting to benefit as much as possible from your get-away? Alternately would you arrange ahead so that you could augment your time abroad? All things considered, the same is valid for inside beautifying with obsolescents. A tad bit of arranging will …

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Best Wedding Decoration: How to Decor Wedding Events

Wedding Decorations Tips

Wedding decoration scattered in all over the world. Now a days people want to make wedding ceremony more beautiful and memorable. Distinctive and innovative ideas explored day by day. One can decorate car, wedding halls, stage etc by themselves or can hire wedding decorators. Wedding ceremony decoration cost high but it provides beautiful and fresh look to guests. Different parts …

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DIY Easy and Simple Indian Rangoli Designs 2016

Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs 2016

Rangoli is an Indian festival; it is also called Muggu and Kolam. It is folk art in which colorful patterns are created on floor. For making colorful Rangoli rice, flour, sand and flower petals are used. On different occasions like Diwali, Onam, Wedding, Pongal and other Indians will create different designs. It is like welcoming area for guests. The main …

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How to Decorate Your Bedroom in a Classy Manner

Bedroom Decoration Tips and Ideas

It’s the wish of everyone to have a classy furnished home having stylish furniture inside along with decently designed interior. Every room of a house has its own significance according to the priorities they are into. However the most important in a house is a bed-room, obviously! People make lot of efforts for making their bedroom as awesome as possible …

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Gold Accent Home Decoration Ideas

Home Decor Ideas

Using the gold accent in your home refers to giving a touch of golden colour in your decoration mechanism. It has been wisely said that “Home is a place where the heart lies.” So, in this aspect it is very much significance to decorate your house in a delicate manner. Above all the tips and suggestions present around us, we …

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Khas Stores: Life & Style Under One Roof

Khas Stores Furniture: Home Decor

If you are planning to decorate your home then you should know that Khas Stores brings a versatile range of bed linen, exclusive hand-knotted carpets from Rugs and Home, who also export to Harrods and other top notch international stores, decorative accessories and trendy ready-to-wear apparels. It is also offering a wide choice of crockery, cutlery and table linen. It …

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Budget Friendly Home Decoration Tips

Home Decor Ideas

Having a good looking and luxurious home is everyone’s wish in today’s era. All of us have a desire deep inside that one day we might be able to build our own house or redecorate our pre-existing house. Although we all try our level best to decorate our house in as best way as it can be possibly done, but …

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How to Hire the Right Maid in Pakistan?

Tips for Hiring a Maid Services

Now-a-days, in this modern era, modern people doesn’t seem to be willing to perform their home work themselves. So, for this purpose, they look forward to find someone to get hired and obviously for working inside a house, they would surely require a maid servant. Another reason of demanding main servants by the people is the today’s very much busy …

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Home Decor Accessories Ideas for Pakistani House

Home Decor Accessories Ideas in Pakistan

We all wish to have our own house in this society. And when there is a house we get, then the process of its furnishing and decoration starts. Personalizing your own house according to your own desires is the real essence of home decoration. For this purpose, we need to have a fine collection of necessary accessories and fittings which …

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Zumirrah Luxurious Home Furnishings by Rabia Hassan

Up close and personal with Rabia Hassan: Interior Designer of Zumirrah

Up close and personal with Rabia Hassan: We sit down with the gorgeous and talented furniture and interior designer to discuss colour play, perfectionism and track pants. You have been working as an interior designer for twenty years. What made you venture into furniture design? I realized there was nothing new happening. I was seeing too many of the same concepts …

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