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Damage laundry inside the house

Deployment of clothing indoor raises humidity levels of 30% and creates ideal conditions for the proliferation of germs. Washing clothes in the home of the things that you have done continuously, daily if necessary. But what is annoying is waiting for the clothes to dry and find a place to publish it because of the many clothes sometimes, and the vagaries of weather and other sometimes.

At the times to dry the clothes inside the house and in closed places, but this is a very serious scientists have warned of the negative impact on health. In detail, the dryers at home poses serious health risks for people who suffer from a weakened immune system or severe asthma, doctors have warned against it. The deployment of the clothes in the indoor fireplace or in front of, for example, could raise the humidity levels in the home by up to 30%, and creates ideal conditions for the proliferation of mold spores.

Damage House Laundry

Experts in particular has expressed concern about some of the specific bacterial germs and fungi that can cause lung infections. Those who suffer from asthma, venture clothing indoor at home may cause them to cough, wheezing. And people who suffer from weak immune systems as patients undergoing cancer chemotherapy or AIDS patients, may develop pulmonary Aspergillosis disease that causes lung infections, as well as the potential to cause irreparable damage to the sinuses.

Finally, the doctors advised drying laundry outside, or on the porch of the house, and with good natural ventilation spaces, for the safety of the mother and family.

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