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DIY French Manicure Designs: 7 Easy Steps with Pictures

Wearing a simple tone of nail polish is a simple task for all the women or girls. But a sophisticated, totally chic and natural way of tiring the nails is the French manicure. Girls mostly prefer to like the French manicure and they just love it. It goes with simply a unique outfit as regarding of matching, coloring and contrasting issues. Because of this you can give your nails a neat and gloomy look and it does not matter what is the skin color you have. It fit in to all styles and dresses which anyone likes to wear such as jeans, long or short shirts, skirts etc.

Now I would like to tell you how to apply the manicure at home without going to any Parlor or beautician. It is very easy to understand and apply it on your nails.

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Before going through these steps, anyone of you will require these things.

  1. Cotton buds
  2. Nail filer
  3. Nail polish remover
  4. Nail guide / scotch tape
  5. Cuticle oil
  6. Sheer pink color of polish
  7. Matte white color of polish
  8. Top coat
  9. Base coat

DIY French Manicure Designs

Step 1: Bathe your hands

First rinse your hands properly and make sure that all your nails are clean properly. Keep this thing in mind don’t use the Acetone based remover nail polish on your nails because it is not good for the nails. You have to dip your hands in to the warm water and in it you add one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and one teaspoon of shampoo for at least 15 minutes.

Bathe your Hands for Manicure

Step 2: Apply the Cuticle oil all around your nails

Dry your both hands first with soft napkin and then apply the cuticle oil in to your nails properly. Then massage on tour nails for 10 minutes and then sweep it neatly and wait for sometimes until your hands and nails become dry.

Cuticle Oil for Nails

Step 3: Trim your nails

After drying your hands and nails, you have to trim all your nails in any shape which you like such as pointed, squares or rounded nails; it’s totally dependent on you. It would look better if you twig to those shapes which are rounded as square as mostly French manicure are totally like that and young girls prefer this so much.

Trim Women Nails

Step 4: Apply the Base coat

After done with shaping your nails, you have to apply base coat on your nails properly that gives you neat looks. One single coat will be enough and if you prefer a light color such as creamy, pink or cream tone then it will be too good. Wait for some time until it gets dry.

Apply Base Coat Nails Polish

Step 5: Apply nail polish of white color

Now you have to apply white color of nail polish on tips of your nails along with help of scotch tape or nail guide. When scotch tape or nail guide is placed carefully then you have to apply 2 coats of the nail polish which is of white color. Once you are done with the matte polish of white color you have to wait until it become dry. Then remove the tape or nail guide carefully from your nails tip.

White Nail Polish Coat

Step 6: Apply the top coat

When you are done with these steps you have to apply the nail polish of sheer pink color to each nail and cover it nicely or apply the top coat again. Top coat is simply a nail enamel of transparent color that gives your nails glossy and shiny looks.

Top Coat Nails Polish

Step 7: Done

Finally if you feel any mistake then you can clean it with the nail remover with help of cotton buds. Once you complete it then enjoy the attractive looks of your hands and nails because your home made French manicure is now ready.

french manicure at home

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