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DIY Easy and Simple Indian Rangoli Designs 2016

Rangoli is an Indian festival; it is also called Muggu and Kolam. It is folk art in which colorful patterns are created on floor. For making colorful Rangoli rice, flour, sand and flower petals are used. On different occasions like Diwali, Onam, Wedding, Pongal and other Indians will create different designs. It is like welcoming area for guests. The main purpose of Rangoli is decoration and it is thought that it brings good luck. It is customarily done by women and they apply their unique ideas.

Rangoli designs with dots are of different styles. Normally designs of Rangoli classified into free hand Rangoli, Lower Rangoli, Dots Rangoli, Ganesh Rangoli, Global events Rangoli and much more. All types of rangoli designs having bright colors and showing full life in it.

Simple and Easy Rangoli Designs 2016

Simple Rangoli Design

Such type of rangoli is created on Holi or Dewali festival. Different colorful petals, rice and dray powder is use. Diyas placed at five corners of Rangoli. It will show perfect look of a rangoli especially at night time. After brning diyas Rangoli will give bright look and so stand out from all other simple Rangolis. If Pink and Yellow color is use in different flower petal making then it will give exclusive look. This design is easy to create and will look almost one or two hour.

Rose/Flowers Design

For making beautiful rose design; dark and light pink or red petals are required, green color poweder is required for making green twigs. First of all outline flower design with white powder. After whole image of a rose fill petals with combination of dark and light red color. Now fill twigs with dark green color. This will give you beautiful Rangoli. It is easy to make and will show beautiful welcoming look especially on wedding or valentine day.

Free Hand Rangoli Design

Gere in this design indigo and purple color is use. That design is simply awesome as the combination is attractive. For making purple and indigo free hand design make white borders and fill centre with dark red color. This will provide best contrast. Apply little hint of green color at some places and place a burning lamp at the centre of Rangoli.

You can create Indian rangoli designs 2016 by following some easy steps are as following:-

1) Choose the area: First of all select an area where you want to create Rangoli. If you are choosing floor keep it mind that people will have alternative way of this place.

2) Decide the design: Now after an area next thing is to decide that what type of design you want to make. Use occasion related designs. Use simple and colorful designs as that will easy to make and will give beautiful look.

3) Sketch the design: Now draw a sketch with the help of chalk or pencil

4) Finalize the sketch: After having clear look of your design now highlight it with dark chalk as it will give you outline for your design. For making outlines with chalk or powder make a cone with newspaper or with paper and fill it with that powder.

5) Fill your design: Now use this cone for further filling of designs. This is an interesting step of Rangoli making and normally is a fun. Different products like powder paint, colorful sand and semolina paint. Now your Rangoli is ready.

Most popular Rangoli design are petals, flowers, lotus blossom and geometric shapes. Diya lamps and other religion images are also used for making Rangoli. Rangoli can be created colorful by using unique ideas. It is important to apply creative and artistic thinking for making Rangoli. Usage of bright color with combination of light color will make Rangoli more attractive and beautiful.

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