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Elle Fanning Beautiful Pics, Biography and Acting Career

Elle Fanning, younger sister of Dakota Fanning, started acting even before she was three years old. Elle used to perform roles as her sister’s younger version, before she got her own role in the movie. She states about her sister as they are just normal kids like others. She belongs to the sports family and she and her sister is the only one who joined acting as a career. Elle worked for numerous films and nominated for a lot of awards, out of which she won several of them.

Elle Fanning is just 18 years old and was born in 1998, 9th of April in a family with sports background. Her father and mother was tennis and baseball payers, her grandfather was a football star and her aunt is a reported at ESPN. Fanning was just 2 years old when she started playing roles as the younger version of her sister in the series ‘Taken’ and then she got her first independent role in the movie, ‘Daddy Day care’ and ‘The door in the floor’.

‘The door in the floor’ was the movie in which producers were of the view to cast twins or to cast some other girl alongside Elle, so that they would be able to perform the role of twin sisters but that was the time when they were so impressed by the acting of this little girl and they cast only her and no other. After that she performed in numerous movies and television series. She also got nominated for her several roles in the movies and won Young Hollywood award, Hollywood film festival spotlight award, and Best ensemble acting award etc.

Elle Fanning Pics
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Elle performed with Angelina Jolie in Maleficent and she played the role of Sleeping Beauty and the movie was magnificent. Teen spirit and all the bright places are among her new releases in which she is working on.

Elle Fanning Beautiful Pics

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