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What to Know about Game of Thrones Season 7 Plot Twists

Game of thrones is an American Television series, based on the novel ‘A song of Ice and fire’ by George R.R Martin. The series started back in May, 2011 and till now it has 6 seasons with 10 episodes each. The series is directed by David Benioff D.B Weiss. This is one of most watched and most appreciated series around the world. The series featured number of actors and actresses of fame. But some of them are so famous that people cried when they die or get hurt, including Kit Harington as Jon Snow, one of the most famous character of the Game of thrones series. Game of Thrones Season 7 has much to offer I am sure.

The series is on aired on HBO and has the most followed fans around the globe. But due to so much violence, nudity, and sexual violence, the series has attracted so many critics but still it has won more than 35 Emmy awards, Hugo awards, Golden Globe awards and 38 primetime awards for the best and most watched series category and many more.

Game of Thrones Season 7 Updates

Season 6 of the Game of thrones is finished. It is said by the people that next season will might be the last season of the series. Spoilers are already spoiling the plot, but no one has exact answer to the frequent asked questions like what will happen next?

Game of Thrones Season 7

The first rumour about season 7 is that there will 3 major battles. These are going to be amazing as the previous battle of bastards. This might be true because the whole Game of thrones, season 7 cast is all set in Spain for the recordings with huge number of extras. And yes, this is confirmed that Jim Broadbent, known for his role in Harry Potter as, Horace Slughorn, is going to appear in the coming Game of thrones season. Though, the role is not revealed yet. But it would be a significant role for sure. As he might be involved with Daenerys or maybe with Sam at Citadel. Who knows?

Plot Twists & Excitement

The whole plot is not revealed yet. But in this season Sansa Stark will get pregnant with the child of Ramsay Bolton, and Daenerys Targaryen would be the sister of Tyrion. Mother of Dragons will hit King’s landing, Tyrion will meet Cersie and Jamie. I know after reading these all people can’t wait for the season. But this year’s season will worth the wait like always.

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