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Gigi Hadid 23rd Birthday Bash In Moments

This year at 23 April our hot favorite Gigi turns 23. The glamorous girl, Gigi mark the occasion as her ‘’golden’’ birthday for being so lucky and celebrated the event with the most extravagant theme. At her golden birthday she wore a short skin tight gold atelier Versace dress and gold makeup with glitters all around. Her younger sister Bella also goes with the gold leopard dress to express the camaraderie with her sister. Even though Bella wrapped the birthday present in a gold wrapping paper in a beautiful way same as they were looking. Gigi had a custom gold themed party filter, a 23 manicure with the photo booth at her birthday party. She changes her dress at the time of cake cutting and wears a gold embellished sweat because comfort comes first for her. The cake was a gold jersey as you can see in the pictures.

This occasion was special for the whole family, friends and fans of Gigi. But the occasion was hyped up by the younger sister Bella as she shows her excitement for the Gigi birthday a full day in advance. She posted a series of pictures with the throwback pictures of both on her Instagram stories. Gigi left her place in the New York City with her sister Bella Hadid where the paparazzi photographed them together. Bella also present her an Instagram tribute with an essay caption about her feelings for Gigi.

gigi hadid birthday bash
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She wrote: 23 years ago the world was blessed with a little angel. Best friends since the moment you held me in the delivery room! You have been waiting for this day for your whole life …23!!!! Golden! Just like u! At least once a day, I think and wonder how I got so lucky to have u as a sister. To have someone to teach me as I grow, to love me as I am, and to be together for every step of the way. I look at photos and watch videos of us growing up, and it just makes me smile because I know I’d never be able to do this life without you.

Gigi’s 23rd Birthday

Nothing would be the same!!!! You are my comfort blanket, my idol, my confidant, my built in best friend, and, of course, the best gift @yolanda.hadid and @mohamedhaidi have ever given me… you too cheeto @anwarhadid. I am so proud of the woman you are, the ideas you have, the strength you have built, and the love you radiate. Thank you for being you!!! When you are truly you, no one can stop you!!! I love you more than you’ll ever know! There is no one I would rather spend this life with. My forever muse and bfff (and ever and ever and ever) my sissy pantelones, the ONE!!!! I LOVE YOU.

Gigi Hadid Bella Hadid Birthday
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Gigi travelled to a different borough to celebrate her birthday at the Brooklyn Heights Social Club at 1 Hotel Brooklyn Bridge. The guest photographed by the photographers includes Gigi’s brother Anwar Hadid with his girlfriend’s Nicola Peltz, Lily Aldridge, Martha Hunt, Hailey Baldwin, Olivia Culpo, Joan Smalls. Though, Cara Delevingne was also present there, revealed through her Instagram stories. Gigi’s ex-boyfriend Zayn Malik was not present there.

Kendall Jenner was missing from the party but she devoted her four Instagram stories to talking about Gigi. In the caption she wishes her happy birthday and says that she is missing her. She also wrote a caption that comes to me so we can eat bagels. You can also see the pictures with the description in the gallery with the all hype and excitement for the birthday celebrations.

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