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Imran Khan third marriage with Maryam

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan never give up and ready to marry again. He has been married today on dated July 12th 2016 after even the two divorces.

According to the unconfirmed sources, Imran Khan married with Maryam. She is a sister of Bushra, a wife of custom officer and belongs to Pattoki’s Monika family. Imran Khan married with Maryam on the advice of Bushra.

Imran Khan thid wife picture

On the other hand, Qandeel Baloch said that Imran Khan third marriage will not be successful.

Someone said to Imran Khan that he will never become Prime Minister of Pakistan until he didn’t married again. So he decided to marry third time. Imran’s family members, relatives and party members are unaware about this marriage. They claimed, this is totally fake news. In an interview few days before, Imran Khan said that he is thinking about his third marriage.

Sources close to Imran Khan, Naeem ul Haque said that this is totally baseless news. Imran Khan is spending holidays in England with his boys. Let’s see what will happens in coming days. Tell us your opinions about Imran Khan’s third wedding.

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