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Interpretation of marriage in a dream

Married in a dream may indicate a desire to enter the golden cage. But in some cases, you may see a married woman herself married again or have dreamed of as a guest at a wedding … What if, the factual meaning of marriage in a dream?

Your dream may reflect a desire to marry association or your fear of entering into a new and mysterious world of the expectations, such as wedding or a most recent occupation, or moving from one position to another … as has been evidenced in a dream wedding for constancy and happiness, depending on your circumstances.

In detail, if you dreamed of your wedding day perfect, various details of the music, decorations, guests … This indicates that you feel that you settle in your happy life with spouse, family and profession.

Marriage in Dreams

If you dreamed of a guest at a marriage ceremony, it demonstrates that you are living minute stage may swing your life upside down or you exercise phase of sadness and grief because of the loss of certain death or a person close to you.

In the event that you dreamed of wearing a white bridal outfit, it signals that you tartan positive relationship. If we see a different woman wearing a costume, it reflects a feeling of disadvantage and require of self-assertiveness unlike crushing their coolness.

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