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Kareena Kapoor & QMobile CEO Zeeshan Akhtar Exploring New Frontier

Zeeshan Akhtar‘s success and staying power demand a closer look and cannot be judged by the mere amount of QMobile fans. The questions that normally arise are: Really, how did he do it? What were the habits are business principles, which steered him into a huge success? Well, we may easily get the proof by watching Zeeshan Akhtar live in action, especially when he seems motivating and persuading his core team mates together with a plenty of vendors e.g. distributors, dealers, small and large retailers. In a word, is the man who imparts captivating wisdom and leaves an everlasting impression to the people around him.

Zeeshan Akhtar is a uniquely effective “portfolio manager” of talent… he is strategic, rational, and systematic. More than giving his team technical skills, he inculcates the winning spirit among his cowokers, and makes them strive to do better and to never give up. His intense desire to win sterms in part from his own experiences as a player. ANd this is a man who has played a vital role in making the QMobile brand what it is today.

Kareena Kapoor & Qmobile CEO Zeeshan Akhtar

Zeeshan Akhtar, the guru of regional marketing innovation, has taken his No. 1 selling brand in Pakistan towards the first step in geographic and product diversification globally. Zeeshan Akhtar’s vision to grow beyond all imaginations has taken him global, bringing his company to a whole new frontier. By signing the ‘who’s who’ of Bollywood glitz and glamour, this business genuis has achieved a beyond-borders supremacy. THe popular and glamorous female star. Kareena Kapoor, has been signed as the new brand ambassador for QMobile and has featured in the most expensive TVC till date. The conceptual and executional contributions made by Zeeshan Akhtar towards each detail of the TVC have made it reeking of the outstandingly true “Q” flavour.

Kareena Kapoor‘s working experience with QMobile has her sold. She values QMobile’s rapid success and the trust it has built amongst its users. She now proudly says. “I’m honored to be part of the Q family. Thank You QMobile and good luck to you.”

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