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Keke Palmer’s Fun Hairstyles and Makeup Secrets

Keke Palmer is a 23 year old American all-rounder, who is a singer, song writer, actress, a presenter and a famous television personality. Palmer is also known for surprising us with all new tricks and tips of fashion and her newest looks. You can pick up any of the looks from wind up singer and actress.

Her fans adores her for her bravery of not fearing to try out new experiments every time.

She plays with her hair lengths and colors a lot. As she is frequently switching from long to short and then shortest mermaid locks. To the most of it, Palmer appeared in iHeartRadio Much Music Video Awards held in Toronto on 18th of June with her head shaved. She was asked by the people that why did she shave her head like this and she stated that she had been doing lots of things to her hair and this is why the texture of her hair is quite changed and disturbed. So now she wanted to reset her hair texture and to make them their own thing so she shaved them.

Keke Palmer’s Fun Hairstyles and Makeup Secrets

Following are 4 secrets of Keke Palmer’s fun hairstyles and makeups:

She knows that beauty doesn’t have to break the bank every time:

Let’s talk about the look she wore on Billboard Music Awards in May 2016, when her makeup artist Matthew VanLeeuwen ‘design’ her skin with only two products which are wallet-friendly. One was e.l.f pore-less skin primer and other is also from e.l.f. Daily hydrating moisturizer. The artist said that the look was all about radiant and bright skin so I wanted to focus more on creating flawless skin than ever.

Keke Palmers Hairstyle
Lester Cohen / BBMA2016 / Getty Images for dcp

She is an Expert with a Pencil in hand:

In July, 2016, in Teen choice awards, Palmer wore a smoky eye liner and she proved herself an expert who can really slay with the pencil in hand. In an year before, in 2015, she uploaded a tutorial for similar look, in which she told that for ‘this’ type of smoky eye liner she uses Aqua Eyes waterproof eyeliner in matte black colour.

Keke Palmer Pencil Style Look
Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

She even can fake a Good Night of Sleep:

Keke palmer is a scream queen star, who never ever fails to look as alert as ever and properly rested. In 2015, she told essence that whenever she needs little help to look well-rested she just wear orange concealer under her eyes and her concealer color on the top of them. And according to her, this makes her look like as fresh and rested as a newly born baby. Products she use is NYX and MAC. But she also stated that you can use any other brand’s products just make sure you use the orange concealer underneath and your matching skin concealer on the top of your eyes and TADA.

Keke Palmers Modern Style 2017
Kevin Mazur / WireImage

She reaches for her lashes to look more dramatic:

Palmer said that she often wants to create a dramatic look and for that notch she always reaches for her lashes, more lashes and lashes. Makin her lashes look thick and long is her secret beauty trick because she thinks that thick lashes gives her more dramatic look with an extra kick. Her two favorite brands for lashes are Lilly Ghalichi and Scott Barnes.

Keke Palmers Magic Lashes
Jeffrey Mayer / WireImage

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