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Khas Stores: Life & Style Under One Roof

If you are planning to decorate your home then you should know that Khas Stores brings a versatile range of bed linen, exclusive hand-knotted carpets from Rugs and Home, who also export to Harrods and other top notch international stores, decorative accessories and trendy ready-to-wear apparels. It is also offering a wide choice of crockery, cutlery and table linen. It is a local venture by Sadaqat Ltd specializing in Home Textiles as Lahore is all set to experience creativity at its best. Like other stores Khas has included his name in the list of avenue for home retails. It’s the place where you can find everything for your home. KHAS’s motto is to provide a personalized service, exhibit the highest level of professionalism offer expertise in this field suiting every budge and occasion. This store aims to provide a one stop solution for their valued customers in both domestic and international markets. Splus has an exclusive interview with Hina Shoaib, who is the determined focused brain and also the Managing Director behind this endeavor. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Tell us something about your store ‘Khas’

KHAS is a complete lifestyle store. It is meant to be a one stop solution for everything home related.

Khas Stores Furniture: Home Decor

What is the idea behind launching ‘Khas’?

Saaqat textile mills have been in the international market for over five decades. Supplying to all the top notch European and American retailers and department stores. Mr. Awais (coo) felt that it was high time we introduced our product to the local market. There is a constant demand for quality bedding and home decor and although we supply abroad we did not previously sell our product here. Therefore we introduced KHAS where we will be supplying designer products of superior quality to our customers. KHAS is an umbrella brand carrying many brands under it, Most owned by Sadaqat itself.

What does your store offers?

We offer export quality linen ranging from a 500 thread count hotel collection, 300 count luxury collections to the regular thread count prints. We also have eight colours at the moment in our plain dyed collection. Other than that there’s a bridal range consisting of embroidered and embellished designs. We also have hand knotted vegetable dyed carpets in store which have been previously exported abroad to stores like Harrods but are nowhere else to be in the local market. We have a wide range of decorative items, art and furniture from designers guild displaying at our store. We also have kitchen accessory, crockery and cutlery. We also have bed basics like fillings etc and a wide range of kids bedding.

What would you say are your main influences when conceiving a piece of work?

Well first and foremost its the uniqueness of design and its quality. I feel that there is no way to compromise on quality. The product must be durable and long lasting in order to bring our customer back to us. Then I want the design to be different than anything already available in the market.

What comes first – the materials or the design idea?

Definitely the idea and we propose material accordingly that.

What makes your stores different from others?

I think this store is the first of its kind built on the same concept as famous stores like House of Fraser and Selfridge’s. Where you find everything to do with home and lifestyles under one roof. you can walk in wanting to pick out a set of linen but walk out having found a complete look for your room.

What is the speciality of your store?

Our speciality is our bed linen.

What inspires your ideas?

I believe less is more and I don’t believe in cluttering spaces. I am a minimalist. I like the lines that Ralph Lauren works on and I love Zara home. I am trying to come up with a design range on the same lines.

What’s your biggest challenge in working with clients? How do you get them to open up to you and let you know what the’re really after, as opposed what they think initially they might want?

I think one on one relationship with the client is very important for me as only then will I be able to provide them with what they want. Its very important for the customer to feel comfortable with what they are purchasing. We have set the store up keeping a room concept in mind. We are displaying the linen with matching carpets, suitable beds, lamps and accessories and even paintings so that the customer can better visualize what the room will look like. I am available for consultation and the customer is free to come sit and plan with me upon request.

What do you enjoy doing apart from designing and making furniture?

I love collecting art and reading books. I also love doing up my house. I travel all over the world and keep collecting pieces to add on to my existing decor.

What is the price range of your furniture and other things?

We are having a very reasonably price. You can get a bed and bedsides in around 1,65000 in the highest quality wood and finish. Complete bed sets are available for around 15000 onwards. The kids range is also very reasonably priced at around 10000.

What is the motto of Khas?

To make our customer feel special and important. We want them to feel secure in the knowledge that the product they purchase will be unique and of the best quality.

What is the future vision of your store?

We plan to expand rapidly increasing our number of stores all over Pakistan and then going global. The plan is to keep changing our designs according to seasonal trends. We will keeep introducing new techniques and qualities and keep developing new lifestyle concepts. We will carry designs to cater people in all walks of life. So there will be something to suit everyone’s taste.

We also have eight colours at the moment in our plain dyed collection. Other than that there’s a bridal range consisting of embroidered and embellished designs.

Where else do you plan to launch Khas?

We are soon to open in Sargodha and Multan and then Karachi and Islamabad. After that we plan to move to the Gulf and UAE.

What’s the biggest reward and satisfaction for you as in working with clients?

When the client walks out of my store happy and satisfied with our designs and quality and keep coming back I feel like euphoric and satisfied in the knowledge that they were happy with our quality. I love being able to help people make their houses in homes that they love.

Any message for our readers?

I am always open to new ideas and suggestions as you my customers are very important and special to me. My goal is to be able to satisfy you. So do visit the store I would your love feedback.

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