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Latest Handmade Jewelry Trends for Summer 2015-2016

The jewelry designs includes all the items that are used for the decoration of the human body, it may include; Rings, Earrings, Necklaces and Bracelets. Jewelry may be we are on the parts of the body or it can also be used on the clothes during their sewing.

Material used in Jewellery

Many centuries ago, there was the time when only metals were used to prepare the jewellery. Particularly gold was much more popular. But now many other materials are used to make the jewelry like pearls, shells, bead coral, etc. designs and the shapes used in the jewelry is also affected by the culture of that community. And is also important to note that jewelry is a status symbol in most of the communities.

New Jewellery Designs for Summer 2015-2016

Intricate Jewelry Patterns

Designing and the pattern of the artificial jewelry varies from community to community. The pattern of the gallery is also different for men and the women. Most of the designs are made by the experts and every pattern has some symbolic meaning. not only young ones wear the jewelry but it is also designed for the kids.

Trendy Women Jewellery Designs for Summers

In the Pakistani culture heavy jewelry is used to wear. Particularly a bridal have to wear a matched set of jewelry. A married woman also has to wear nose pin, earrings and bangles. Young girls wear simple designing.

Trendy Beautiful Jewellery Designs for Summer

Trendy Jewellery Designs for Summer

It is not only cultural need to wear jewelry but it is also a source of beauty. Not only in Pakistan in all over the world, there are well developed institute that guide how jewelry can add the beauty of the women. It is actually fashion demand of these days. Matched jewelry with dress color and dress design remain the focus of the women. Jewelry is not used by only women but men also wear rings, bracelet etc.

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