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Makeup Tips for Oily Skin – 10 Steps with Pictures

Those who have oily skin they face a lot of hitches with his or her skin. Even with the oily skin make up can’t stay on your face for a long time period. Everyone has different type of skin like someone have dry or someone have oily and in both case is same. For this you have to use those scrub or masks which you can prepare them at home easily.

Oily skin is real problem for every women. Oily skin not just having acne, dullness and blocked pores problems but will also creates skin problems when women apply makeup on their face. Makeup will not stay on oily skin rather it starts melting. There are numbers of beauty products manufactured that can be especially used for oily skins like water proof products. Here we are sharing top 10 and best makeup ideas for oily skin type which will be beneficial for you.

1) Priming your Skin:

Start the primer from the oiliest area of your face like form nose, T-Zone of chin and forehead. Make sure that use oil-free, non silicon and anti-shine primer. It gives better result and your make will stay for long time.

Priming your Face Skin

2) Foundation for Oily Skin

For oily skin it is better to use powder based foundation as other may melt off and needs constant touchup. Using a stick foundation is also better for that skin. Buy that foundation which is non-comedogenic and don’t use liquid foundation.

Best Foundation for Skin Type

3) Powder for Oily Skin

Powder is most beneficial for oily skin as it will keep away oily shine from skin and setting the foundation for longer time. Best powder is matte translucent formula based. Powder will keep the skin dry so makeup will stay for longer time.

Foundation Powder for Makeup

4) Matte Blushes

For oily skin use powdered blush as it will keep it for longer time. If cream blush is uses then it will quickly melt off. So always go for matte blush. If you are buying loose powder for oily skin it means you are buying weapon for your own self.

Matte Blushes for Makeup

5) Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup is blessing for oily skin as it made out with oil free, antioxidant and inorganic mineral contents. This will prevent bacteria growth and provides sun protection. Mineral makeup includes such contents that prevent from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide that further provides protection from sun.

Mineral Makeup for Skin

6) Less is More

The most important tip for oily skin women is to apply least layers of makeup. What kind of makeup you are going to apply, make sure that it is minimum. Do it by using moisturizer with SPF just like BB cream.

Makeup for Skin Type

7) Cleanse and Tone

Whenever you are going to apply anything on your face, make sure that your skin is clean. Wash your face properly and cleanse it with oil free cleanser. After cleanser apply glycolic acid infused skin toner as it cut down oil.

Wash Face before Makeup

8) Blotting Papers

For taking out extra oil from skin always use blot paper. It can be use for freshen of makeup. Don’t rub it on skin just press it. This will not only lift oil but also dust off. This paper can be use throughout the day as it keeps face fresh and oil free.

Blotting Papers for Makeup

9) Makeup Products

Whenever you are going to buy makeup make sure that makeup will stay for longer. Such kind of makeup is effective for oily skin it includes waterproof, long lasting and water resistant products. The most frequent example of such make up is eye shadow cream and eye liner.

Makeup Products for Oily Skin

10) Get Rid of Excess Oil

Keeping oily skin protective and way from bacteria apply treatment mask once or may be twice in a week. There is a mask made with bentonite clay or kaolin is useful oily skin. This skin mask is natural absorbents and is best for skin. Apply it with fingers and wash it after 15 minutes with warm water.

Makeup Mask for Oily Skin

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