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Met Gala 2017 Worst Dressed Celebrities

Met Gala is the biggest fashion night that brings the fashion glimpse of the leading names all around the world under one roof. Met gala 2017 finally welcomed all on May 1, 2017 at the metropolitan museum of art in New York City. Like all other event this fashion exhibition witnesses some best and many worst dressed celebs at the red carpet.

The desire to look different is making fashion and style looks somehow bizarre and so dump. At the red carpet of Met Gala 2017 many leading names famous for their fashion and style sense disappointed a lot. They can do much better but actually they look insane with the weird dressing.

 Met Gala 2017 Worst dressed celebs

  1. Katy Perry

The biggest disaster of the fashion event was Katy Perry. She wears a wired dress in red color with the multiple layer and some strange things on it. More over the face covered with the see through stuff made it look worse. That was the biggest disappointment of the night. She is so beautiful but in this dressing she was not even recognizable.

  1. Rihanna

Rihanna is also known for the fashion sense but at the red carpet of Met gala 2017 she dress up like a floral arrangement. At that night she wears a dress in blue, white and different red shades with the floral pattered petals. These petals even cover half of her face with the show off of her under boobs. If she stands at the corner of red carpet she must look like some arrangements made for the night.

  1. Helen Lasichanh

This girl looks so funny in her joker attire. She picks a red color dress with the insane cuts and fit. That was something really bad for fashion event. No style and no elegance rather than its more than that of fashion mistake.

  1. Madonna

We really expect a lot from Madonna for this big event. She wears a dress from Moschino designer/fashion provocateur Jeremy Scott. She wears a full length tale gown with the army print. Hands covered with the leather gloves up to elbows. She also tie a black belt on her waist and something feathery touching the ground from back and lots of stuff in neck. Her complete look was not impressive at all.

madonna met gala 2017
Credit: Getty Images
  1. Carly steel

Carly steel try an all-white long dress like a gauze piece and a crown in steel on her head. The look for the fashion event was very disappointing. She had a beautiful face with the sexy figure. But the dress was made with no proper cut and the crown actually looks hilarious.

  1. Claire Danes

Another name at the red carpet who dressed badly at that night is Claire Danes. She wears something less than ordinary which was surprising with the disappointment. She dresses up in the black lace-up pants with the white top having lots of ruffle. That dress really looks so bad for the fashion night.

Nicki Minaj Met Gala 2017
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 Met Gala 2017 Worst dressed celebs Pics

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