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Pakistani Model Ayesha Omer refused to work in Indian Dramas

Ayesha Omar’s talent needs no introduction. She is such a fabolous actress, well known model and emerging singer. She is s struggler and made her name in the fashion world on her own basis. That’s why she has become very choosy and selective about her role. She is busy in doing many serials and photo shoots. Now she has launched a music album and she has got Lux style award for best album. Her role Khoobsurat in a citcom Bulbulay has increased Ayesha’s fame not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

Our famous and many well known actor and actress are interested to work in Bollywood. They consider it a short cut to earn popularity and fame. But Ayesha Omar does not compromise on her reputation just for earning money. That’s why she has refused to work in Indian dramas. Not only in Indian dramas but in Bollywood movies also. According to her she is a Pakistani and she is a true citizen. She has achieved her goals and dreams on the land of Pakistan that’s why she will work only for Lollywood.

Actress Ayesha Omar in Indian Dramas

Ayesha Omer has proved that she is a Pakistani girl by declining many offers from other countries. She has strong ambition not to sale herself to other country for money. Ayesha Omar we salute and appreciate you for your strong ambitions. We hope that because of her talent and skills she will be successful in making a distinct name in the fashion world.

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