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Spring Makeup: Step by Step Tutorial

Spring season brings glowing beauty to the environment around us. Every petal of flowers and every leaf of trees rejoice with happiness. We can see every plant swaying with delight following the slight blows of wind. Similarly, you’ve got to be that much happy because of wonderful environment around you. Here we are going to give you some suggestion regarding best techniques for doing your spring makeup in an impressive style so that you can fully enjoy the spring season.

Facial Care

  • Let’s start with face. The first thing you’ve to do before you start doing your make-up is to make sure that your face is cleaned properly and the skin is properly cleaned. You can clean your facial by using a good quality face wash. Clean it thoroughly and then dry the water from your face with the help of a towel.
  • Now grab a face primer and apply it all around your facial skin so that the make-up you are going to do, could stay for longer time period in this season.
  • Use an appropriate foundation to be applied over your face. Take care of the color of foundation. It should match your skin color.
  • Right after applying foundation, you should immediately apply a concealer under your eyes before moving to next step.

Spring Makeup Tutorial

Cheeks Care

  • If cheeks are concerned, all you have got to do is to apply bronze appropriately over your cheeks and around your cheeks.
  • It would be a better idea if you use a blush of pink color for your cheeks.

Lips Care

  • At first you have to make your lips moisturized. For this, you can use any good quality conditioning lip balm.
  • Use a fresh colored lip liner and outline your lips. After outlining, fill in the lips to make them beautiful.
  • At finishing, you’ve got to choose a rich and fresh color for your lips.

All set, now you are ready to hang out with friends or family and enjoy the beautiful spring. You look awesome!

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