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Step by Step Guide to Apply Eye Makeup

Today we bring for you something special which will help you to know the simple and basic way to put on eye makeup. Now you can apply eye makeup every day to look stunning and attractive. Every woman should know all the procedures and steps to apply make-up correctly because she needs to get ready mostly after marriage and it’s impossible to go beauty parlor daily because many times she can’t go out of home due to some reasons. So they should prepare her to do makeup at home in the tough circumstances. You need to follow some basic instructions which are given below to put on eye makeup.

Step by Step Eye Makeup

You need to gather all the essentials for applying makeup before doing this complex task.

  1. You need to wash your face properly before put on eye makeup.
  2. Apply eye cream around the complete eye and add carefully a little bit of primer on the eyelids.
  3. After applying the basic primer on the eyelids, then load a basic make-up brush with the lightest eyeshadow color and then blow it gently to get rid of any excess powder. Apply this to the forehead bone just like below the eyebrow from arch to end.
  4. Apply reasonable eye color to the circular portion of your upper eyelid using the basic eye shadow brush.
  5. Now you are going from basic to complex step; so be careful and move forward. Load a little quantity of the darkest color on a crease brush. Apply it to the crease and mix it with the medium color if required.
  6. Use pointy eyeliner to draw a skinny line on the edge of your higher lashes. Mix this with an eyeliner sponge if required. Apply it gently to the lower lash line for an additional impressive look.
  7. Finally, shake carefully the mascara applicator stick in the tube to load it with mascara. Run the mascara brush along your lashes from base to tip in a slight wiggling motion. Apply to each lower and higher lashes, and allow the mascara to dry.

Things you will need

You need some things like Cleanser, Moisturizer, Powder/concealer, Eyeshadow, Eyeliner (liquid or pencil), Eyelash curler, Mascara, Fake eyelashes (optional), Primer (optional) to apply eye makeup.


Try to keep away from getting makeup in your eye. Applying eyeliner to your waterline is not recommended by ophthalmologists.

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  1. awesome tips… I prefer maybelline’s eye makeup products like colossal kajal, hypersharp mascara, eye shadows. Great products I have ever used!

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