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The World’s highest paid actresses 2018

Here is the list of world’s highest paid actresses of the year 2018. This ranking is based on the pre-tax earnings of these celebrities from the 1 June 2017 to 1 June 2018. Let’s have a looks at the list;

World’s highest paid actresses 2018

Scarlett Johansson is present at the top of the list with the amount of $40.5 million. This year her jump to the first position is because of her role as a black widow in Marvels Avengers Movie. In this year a major portion from the budget cost was paid to the cast as compared to the visual effects. This bumped in the earning of Scarlett Johansson is because of her lucrative role in the movie.

scarlett johansson tops forbes list 2018

At number 2 we have the lovely lady Angelina Jolie with $28 million. We are really happy for her presence in the list because she truly deserves much more. Angelina’s upfront pay for Maleficent made her place in the rank and we wish her luck for future also.

Jennifer Aniston from Friends maintains her presence in the audiences even after fourteen years. Her $19.5 million earning is not just because of Friends. She endorses for Emirates Airlines, Aveeno and Smart water. It is expected that she will make her position at number 2 in the list because of her role in the new Apple TV show with Reese wither spoon. She will get about $1.25 million for single episode in this show.

Jennifer Lawrence makes the list

Jennifer Lawrence is present at the 4th rank because she is earning less than 20 million dollars but more than 16.5 million dollars. Forbes did not mention the exact earnings of this Hunger Games star. But her fourth position in the rank has no doubts actually.

Reese Witherspoon role in the Big Little Lies and her production made her earning up to $16.5 million.

And with the earnings of $12.5 million Cate Blanchett secures her sixth position in the world’s highest paid actresses of the year 2018.

Our very own Wonder Woman Gal Gadot in next in the list with the earnings of $10 million. Which is surely because of her paychecks from her top hit Wonder Woman. She is the only new comer in the list and we must say the most promising new year of 2018.

highest paid actresses 2018

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