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Top 10 Biggest Hair Trends of 2018


4. Retro waves

Waves are very popular amongst celebrities. This year again waves are in but with some twist like retro waves or the old school hair looks with the modern age definition of fashion.

retro waves

5. Polished braids

Braids were in a fashion flow in the previous year and it is again going to rule the diligence. Polished braids are different from the beach and messy looks. So this is the best way to look polished and graceful at your events.

polished braids

6. Messy buns and updos

Hair updos and buns are again in fashion for the formal events and parties. But the look is more effortless and messy to save time and feel energetic this season.

7. No fuss bob

This year the mid length is going to be the actual length and the one hottest trend for this season would be no-fuss bob. It has minimal layers with the wash and go look. Bobs are always in fashion but helps in making a new fashion statement every time.

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