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Top 10 Biggest Hair Trends of 2018

8. Wet hair texture

Live in the texture is very popular in the stars. These waves can be worn on any hair length with the same fascination and looks nice on all. You don’t need lots of time for that. You just need a shine enhancing texture spray in your bag and you are ready to go anywhere.

live texture
Image Credit: ImaxTree

9. Neon hair colors

If we talk about the hair color trends then the neon colors are at the top. It could be in the form of extensions or the streak bands in your hair. This year the neon hair color trend embraces by the girls to look young and fresh.

neon hues

10. Pixie

Pixie is a new trend adopted by the girls with more enthusiasm and charm in the year 2018. It could be in the form of long pixie or the shorter one, both can make you look extremely stylish and glamorous.

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