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Top 4 Male Bollywood Celebs who used to be Fat

It is very important for every celebrity to look beautiful, young and hot. We often talked about divas about how they lose fat and look smart. But here are top 4 male Bollywood celebs who used to be Fat and have once faced the problem of being overweight. Following is the list of celebrities:

Male Bollywood Celebs who used to be Fat

1. Adnan Sami – He is a Pakistani singer, but moved to India for the sake of fame. His weight was 206kgs. And for his own good and survival, doctors asked him to loose over 1ookgs. Just because of constant routine and strict diet, Adnan managed to loose almost 130kgs.

Male Bollywood Celebs

2. Arjun Kapoor – This actor is considered to be ideal for most actors and he has million of female fan followers. Nevertheless he started his career as an actor his weight was above 115kgs. For the sake of his career, he managed to loose above 50kgs and now he is one of the well- known actors of today’s generation

3. Adhyayan Suman – is the son of renowned actor Shekhar Suman. Adhyayan weighted 100 kgs before he started his professional career in Bollywood. He managed to loose excess weight of 45kgs with austere diet and exercise. And with this he appeared in popular movie “Raaz: The Mystery Continues”.

4. Jacky Bhagnani – He is also a ubiquitous Bollywood superstar who inured a weigh of about 130kgs before his arrival in this industry. He is a heartthrob of so of many young women. He managed to escape 80kgs from his body with little change in his lifestyle and hard work.

These Bollywood male celebs undoubtedly became boldest and most popular actors of all times by getting rid of excess of weight and healthy body and mind. Their motivational lifestyle, diet tips, and exercising method to shred extra weight is role model of many youngsters, especially who are over-weight.

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