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What type of makeup goes well with the yellow color dress in Summers; a complete make up guide

Yellow is the bright vibrant color which is a favorite for many especially in the summers. Whether, you pick yellow mellow attire for the prom night or for the wedding purpose. When your make up in not at point then it can ruin your whole personality. To get the look perfect with the yellow dress you have scroll down to know what look nice with this color and what will not.

What type of makeup goes well with the yellow color dress


This part is important in the sense a nicely settled and blended base on your face make you look more gorgeous and exotically beautiful. This striking color dress limits the application of foundation on your face. Keep it natural and pick the shade one tone darker of your skin tone. You must avoid extra sparkles and shimmers in the foundation though the use of highlighter on specific points to pop-up your features may look nice. There is a big No for the yellow toned base application on your face. Never forget the use of concealer to cover face blemishes and flaws.

Matching Makeup with Yellow Dress


Eye makeup is important to lock the perfect look. If you are going out for the prom night with you yellow outfit then for me Smokey eyes would be the best. It goes well with the most of the makeup looks. You can pick the golden bronze Smokey eye makeup. The popular black Smokey eye look is also going to rock for the night out with friends.
If you don’t want that look then you can also experiment with the kohl black eyes and the metallic cream based eyeshade on your lid.


Now it totally depends on your eye makeup. Your lips and eyes are most highlighted face parts. To get the perfect look you have to maintain a balance between the both features. We all are very much aware of this makeup rule but how you balance out your features is of main importance. Select some nude colors for your lips if you have the dark Smokey eyes. But in case of the kohl black eyes with the settle creamy eyeshade gives you the chance to pick some bold color for your lips.


In yellow outfit rosy cheeks looks really nice. With that you can also try some peach shade on your cheeks with the use of highlighter on point in limits. Brown colors for the cheeks especially the apple blush on with the yellow dress may distract with the freshness of the face. So select something soft and fresh for your cheeks.

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