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Vanessa Hudgens loss 20 pounds of weight with this one thing twice a day to get her formed abs

Vanessa Hudgens is 28 years old an American actress and singer with the height of 5feet 1 inch. The former actress had to gain about 20 pounds for her role of a runway teen in ‘’Gimme Shelter’’. In 2013 she has to gain weight of 20 pounds and after filming here comes the time to shed that weight.

Vanessa Hudgens recently shoot for the Women’s Health magazine edition. In this shoot she shows her sculpted tone abs and short hairs. That sizzling look sizzle the May cover story of Women’s health magazine. She transformed her look according to the demand of her upcoming boldest role yet for which she chopped her long chestnut locks. In her interview to the women’s health magazine she talks about the secrets of this bold and sexy transform.

Vanessa Hudgens loss 20 pounds of weight

Vanessa joins SoulCyle, a national chain of indoor spinning studios centered in New York City. She said that she take SoulCycle classes twice a day to lose 20 pounds. She said that in her sessions they put her on a cycle in room with the loud music and it was just dancing without worries. As now she is not in weight lose mode anymore but still she always makes time for yoga. According to her, yoga is not for her fitness but actually a therapy for her. She still squeezes some time out of her busy schedule to go for the classes at SoulCycle. It’s not a burden or hectic for her as she loved to take group exercise classes as it keep her motivated.

Vanessa Hudgens Fitness

Moreover Venessa Hudgens reveals that she is very competitive when it comes to be fit. She got a diet plan which works for her body. In her diet she says no to carbs and takes lots of healthy fats like avocado. She explains more that there is a myth about fats but they are source of energy and nourishment to keep you active the whole day. To get her healthy fats everyday she eat avocado daily.

Anyways we really admire her hard work and wish her good luck and success for her future projects.

Good going Vanessa Hudgens…

Vanessa Hudgens Weight Loss

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