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Are you worried about diabetes?

According to a new research made recently, it has been demonstrated that diabetes can be avoided by having walk on regular time intervals. If you think that you are at risk of getting type 2 diabetes developed, then the one and only solution which you should adopt is to take a walk after every mean at least for fifteen minutes. Walking right after a meal is considered to be equal to having a forty five minutes’ walk continuously for one time in a single day. It also helps regulating the flow of blood sugar allover in adults.

Control diabetes

Walk after every meal

You can have walk after any meal. But, there is a special benefit for the walk taken just after dinner especially: It helps keeping the post-meal blood sugar level substantial for three hours or more which is very beneficial for you. It has been proved by the modern research.

An author named Loretta DiPietro, professor and chairman of the department of exercise science at the George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Service, said: “You eat a meal. You wait a half-hour and then you go for a 15-minute walk, and it has proven effective in controlling blood sugar levels, but you have to do it every day after every meal. This amount of walking is not a prescription for weight loss or cardiovascular fitness — it’s a prescription for controlling blood sugar.”

The word which Italians use for having walk after dinner is Passeggiata, because they know and realize that it helps in digestion and has several other benefits. It has also been proven by the modern medical science that walking also helps in clearance of blood sugar.

So, it has been visualized quite comprehensively how important walking is for you in order to stop worrying about the diabetes. You can acquire maximum advantage by making yourself regular and punctual for having a walk at a particular time. It would help you maintaining your health and you will get rid of diabetes as well.

Hope that this article would help you for getting rid of diabetes.

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